Trip to NY?

I’d like to introduce a NY fashion designer and music producer who I think would be a great interview if you guys would be interested. Al-Karim Powell-Darensburg is the owner of American Kouture , he is an articulate and intelligent guy with many insights into the NYC music and art scene who also knows many celebrities personally including Tony Danza and Africa Zoomabata through is connection with the Zulu Nation. Al lives in Brooklyn and is working on several projects benefiting the community and outreach programs for minorities. What do you guys think?

Up Aloud and Loudly w/Stacy Douglas

Up, Aloud, & Loudly presents:

Interview w/ Stacy Douglas

Black Business, Black Friday, Black Money, and the Black Community, what does all of that mean you? Join us as we speak with a woman that is a soild on the frontline of a Black Empowering Movement. This is a conversation about “Sterotypes vs Collectiveness” with the founderd of (Check out more about the Foundation @

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Up, Aloud, and Loudly w/ Nicole A Crump

Up, Aloud, & Loudly Presents:

Interview w/ Nicole A Crump

Hailing from “The Space City” of Houston, Texas emerges an astounding actress with flair, style, and skills. Join us as we speak with the ‘Breathtaking’ Nicole Crump about her career, and path in life, as she blazes her way to the top.

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Up Aloud and Loudly at The Black Carpet III

Herb Alkhemyst presents: Return of the God’s of Hip hop music HOUSE PARTY Black Carpet
by Up, Aloud, & Loudly

Black Carpet w/ Chiiirp “like a bird”
By far one of my favorite interviews of the night, with THE SUPER RAPPER Chiiirp “like a bird.” [Chirp, Chirp] Definitely go check out my home girl she is the truth, and get a piece of her one fo a kind art @ ChiiirpArt

Black Carpet w/ Marsh Arts & Anubis
Very talented artisits these two are. I couldn’t find Anubis page, but I did see the style and skills of Marsh Arts. Check out her page

@ The Black Carpet II

Herb Alkhemyst presents: Return of the God’s of Hip hop music HOUSE PARTY Black Carpet
by Up, Aloud, & Loudly

Black Carpet w/ Ra Quan Da Maji
Awesome interview from a very talented brotha. Definitely go check out his Music, he definitely got bars.

Black Carpet w/ Darius Wigfall El (IG @herutauel) & Akira Hana Nu Het-Heru
Very deep brotha, go check him out on Instagram like he told

Speaking Up, Aloud, and Loudly w/ Sharif Colon

Up, Aloud, & Loudly presents:

Interview w/ Sharif Colon

On the corner of Metropolitan Pkwy and Shelton Ave there is a place that promotes to impact the same way Studio 54 did to Manhattan, New York. In the center of Atlanta, Georgia this place is called O-kami Ultra Lounge. Join us as we speak with the man behind the concept, and learn about his vision.

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Speaking Up, Aloud, and Loudly w/ Shannon Dada

Evoladad Productions was founded in 2017 as a way to promote and support brave works of theatre by and for black women. Deeply disappointed and discouraged by entertainment media focused on black female conflict, Shannon Dada wrote a play called “No Name” that specifically featured diverse black women telling the true narratives of their lives.

Shannon Dada is a published writer and new director in Atlanta hailing from California. A career student, Shannon has studied a plethora of subjects from theatre to classic literature, socio-linguistics, foreign language and human psychological development. More than her education though, what makes her a compelling and powerful writer & director is her propensity for poetically capturing human drives and shining intense insights upon human character.

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Speaking Up, Aloud, & Loudly w/ Professor Griff

One of the living leading rebels in the history of Hip-hop is the ever so opionated “Minister of Information” Professor Griff. Hailing from Roosevelt, New York along side many other notable name within the area such as Chuck D,, Eddie Murphy, and Julius Erving.

Controversial, or Consciousness, whatever the case I am here speaking Up, Aloud, & Loudly with the one and only Professor Griff. Listen in on how his thought process works as we take you deep inside the mind of Public Enemy “Minister of Information”

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